Abuse filter management

Welcome to the Abuse Filter management interface. The Abuse Filter is an automated software mechanism of applying automatic heuristics to all actions. This interface shows a list of defined filters, and allows them to be modified.

Of the last ٤ actions, ٠ (٠%) have reached the condition limit of ١٬٠٠٠, and ٠ (٠%) have matched at least one of the filters currently enabled.

سڀ ڇاڻيون

ڳولا چاراکوليوبند ڪريو
ڇاڻي آئڊي عوامي تشريح نتيجا حالت آخري ڀيرو بدلايل ظاھريت
١ General test filter   فعال 05:19, 21 جُونِ 2016 by Jogi don (بحث | ڀاڱيداريون) عوامي