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Used to insert <nowiki>...</nowiki> tag (or, if no {{{1}}} parameter content is given, a self-closing <nowiki /> tag) in a substituted template. The resulting tag will be processed as a real tag by further substitutions and transclusions, so this should not be used for documentation. Rather, it is used by metatemplates to generate nowiki tags.


If the template call is already within an includeonly block, the includeonly tags should be omitted. Substitution is required, but must only be used during inclusion; otherwise, the template will be substituted with includeonly tags immediately, and the desired effect will be lost.

Nowiki templates and modules


Templates and modules that implement <nowiki>TEXT</nowiki>

  • {{nowiki}} - usage: {{nowiki | TEXT }}
  • {{nowiki2}} - usage: {{nowiki2 | TEXT | tag = TAG | style = STYLE }}
  • Module:String2 nowiki(TEXT) - usage: {{#invoke:String2 | nowiki | TEXT }}