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Exquisite-khelpcenter.png هن خاني ۾ سانچي جي نحو جي چند انتہائي پيچيدهه ۽ پوشيدهه خصويات استعمال ڪيو ويون آهن۔ براءِ ڪرم هن ۾ ڪا به تبديلي ڪرڻ جي ڪوشش نه ڪئي وڃي سواءِ ان جي ته توهان نحو جي ڍانچي لي پوري طرح سمجهندا هجو ۽ تبديليءَ جي غير متوقع نتيجن ڪي صورت ۾ سانچي جي مرمت جي لاءِ تيار هجو۔ ڪنهن به قسم جي تجربن ريتخاني ۾ ڪيو وڃن۔
Template:Bots سان ڀل نہ کائو.

سانچو:Tlb – An information box that indicates that the editor is not a human and actually an automatic process assigned to do menial tasks on Wikipedia.


The first unnamed parameter specifies the operator of the bot.
2, 3
The second and third unnamed parameters can be used to specify co-operators of the bot, if required.
The two letter code for those operators that do not have an account on the English language Wikipedia (though having a local account is strongly recommended).
active (and approved), inactive (but approved), trial, unapproved, globalbot, expired (previously approved but approval has lapsed), retired (previously approved but no longer editing, see also {{retired|bot=yes}})
yes (if this bot uses AWB), or omit (if it doesn't).
The name of the code (programming or scripting language) used to create the bot (e.g., Pywikibot, perlWikipedia, ...)
Optional if specified, overrides the name of the request for approval. If not specified, defaults to {{BASEPAGENAME}}
Optional if specified, overrides the usual display of the operator's username in the first line generated from the three unnamed parameters.
If status indicated active/approved, or globalbot, setting yes will make the template indicate that the bot is running tasks for which no approval is needed.
If the bot has multiple requests or approval, or multiple tasks, and the default BRFA link cannot link to a page that contains all the bot's approved requests or tasks, this field allows inputting a link to any Wikipedia page. Specifying this field overrides brfa.
Any additional information to specify in the mbox. Usually not needed, since |status=, |brfa=, and |approvalneeded= covers most cases.
Optional alternate text for the image.


Code Result
{{Bot|John Smith}}

{{Bot|John Smith|site=en}}

{{Bot|John Smith|site=en|awb=yes}}

{{Bot|John Smith|site=en

{{Bot|John Smith|site=en|status=active}}

{{Bot|John Smith|site=en|status=trial}}

{{Bot|John Smith|site=en|status=inactive}}

{{Bot|John Smith|site=en|status=unapproved}}

{{Bot|John Smith|site=en

{{Bot|John Smith|image=Crystal Clear question bot.svg
|more=The bot is undergoing testing.}}

See alsoسنواريو

  • {{Bot2}}: An alternative visual style for {{Bot}} that makes the status more obvious and uses SVG icons
  • {{User bot owner|Botname}}: Userbox for bot owner's user pages
  • {{User wikipedia/Botop}}: Userbox for bot owner's user pages